Check out Ran’s recent publication!

Zhao et al_2018_JPCA head.jpg

Ran Zhao’s most recent 1st-author research article was published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry A on 21st May 2018.

The paper is about hydrolysis of a class of ester hydroperoxides that are playing an important role in the atmosphere. The major discovery is that this class of hydroperoxide hydrolyzes rapidly in cloud-water relevant aqueous phases. Currently, the chemistry of such complex, multi-functional organic peroxides in particulate matter is not well understood. This paper provides useful chemical insights into the behavior of such organic peroxide in the atmosphere.

This paper is also the result of a successful collaboration initiated by Ran between his research group at Caltech (PI Prof. John Seinfeld) and Prof. Suzanne Paulson’s research group at the University of California – Los Angeles.

Here is a link to the article.