The inaugural PECC was a big success!

PECC I 20190514

The first Prairie Environmental Chemistry Colloquium (PECC) was hosted at the U of A on May 13 and 14. PECC is a regional academic conference with a theme on environmental sciences. This year, we welcomed attendees from the U of A, the University of Saskatchewan, MacEwan University, the University of Calgary, and Mount Royal University. We also had the pleasure to invite Dr. Lynn Mazzoleni (Michigan Tech), Dr. Alvaro Osornio-Vargas (U of A), and Dr. Charlene Nielson (U of A) as our plenary speakers.

PECC featured two full days of student presentations. Jessica, Tania, and Max each gave an oral presentation, while Keifer, Jeff, Meng, Chester, and Sophie each presented a poster on their respective research project. Well done everyone!

The Zhao group members also made significant contributions to the organization of PECC. The conference was organized as a joint effort of the Zhao group and the Styler group at U of A.  Jessica, Max, Tania, and Meng were actively involved in the organizational committee. Congratulations for their achievement!

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