Vikram’s work published on ACS Earth and Space Chemistry

Congratulations to Vikram for his recent publication on ACS Earch and Space Chemistry “Evolution of Brown Carbon Aerosols during Atmospheric Long-Range Transport in the South Asian Outflow and Himalayan Cryosphere” (LINK)! Compiling field observations over the past 15 years, we have shown that the photochemical evolution of Brown Carbon – light-absorbing organic compounds – appears to be slower in the atmosphere over the Himalayas than in South Asian Outflow. We hypothesized that the cold and dry atmosphere over the Himalayas may be making the aerosol more viscous, delaying its photochemistry. This paper raises the possibility that The Himalaya cryosphere, which is among the most sensitive to climate change, may be slowing down the decay of light-absorbing species due to its inherent environment.

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